Glass and China

A small portion of my collection of flow blue and patterned glass/crystal collection

The blues just keep flowing at my house

Here's a shot of a small portion of my flow blue and glassware collection. It all started with just needing four blue plates to use above a fireplace mantel in our master bedroom. Somehow, four grew to 14, then 40 and now I have no idea how many pieces I actually own. I decorate with them in several rooms in our home. I love the richness of the blues, as well as the smeary look of the patterns. In a lot of ways, they remind me of Impressionist paintings. The cabinet in the photo sits to the right of our television in the family room, so I enjoy looking at my flow blue collection nearly every day.

The patterned glass and crystal you can see in the photo started with my grandmother. Granny had a few pieces that she used for the holidays and other special meals. I inherited those pieces and then I was off and running. I still use her special relish trays and other pieces during the holidays. There are a lot of good memories of great meals and loving family that go with those pieces, and I love getting them out every year.